Middle Earth Mommy – A Fresh New Start

About six months ago, after months of deliberation, I decided to embark on a new journey and enter the writing world via blogging. I started another blog and had high hopes for my blog (and I still do have very high goals for that particular blog). However, the direction of the content is somewhat limited, not by my abilities, but by my choices. I feel like I made a mistake by going “public” to my friends and family, albeit I did not realize it was a mistake early on because of my lack of blogging experience.

By going public to friends and family, I have limited the content that I publish on my page due to the backlash that I may face from them because most of my pieces are very opinionated. Now I could just say and write those things anyways, but I would prefer to live without the drama in my life. I am already an introvert, it is difficult enough for me to establish relationships as it is, I do not need to step on the toes of those people who I care about intentionally. Therefore, I have created this blog Middle Earth Mommy. Middle Earth Mommy is a place for me to broaden and free my mind, in a very matter of fact, unapologetic manner. More than anything, my goal is not for other people to see life the way I see things or share in my same opinions, but to expand in their own opinions and grow their minds to be the best individuals they can be.

– Middle Earth Mommy